Getting Healthy Goals

During New Years many  people vowed not for the first time to get healthy, lose weight, and eat right. It can be a overwhelming journey sometimes with so much information on getting healthy.  There are countless apps, diet plans/books, fitness classes, and detox/cleanses to lose weight. So how do you know what is the right plan for you?

I love to make lists, so it was only natural that I started out with making a list of what I wanted to accomplish.

I asked myself: What do I want to accomplish? How will I accomplish this? Do I want to give up anything? Do I want to start incorporating something? Do I have a time frame (is it realistic)?

When I started I knew without a doubt that I wanted to lose weight but I had been saying that since I was in middle school. It never happened, quite the opposite actually. Two years later I have a whole different set of goals for the same challenge –getting healthy.

These are my current goals:

1) No eating out more than once a month

2) Losing 2 inches off my waist by 04/24/13

3) Avoiding bottled juices and soft drinks

4) Exercising at least 3 X a week

5) Clean eating in the forms of fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts

6) No red meat and reduced intake of meat and poultry

7) Juicing once a week (fruits or vegetables)

8) Eating breakfast

9) Drinking green tea 4-7 days a week.

9) Weigh 105 pounds ( I am 5’1)

I’m only human, a food loving chocolate craving human. So I make mistakes and sometimes deviate from the plan and then feel guilty about it until the rest of the day. If I do end up eating some chocolate or some other temptation that I gave into that day, I don’t just stop. I try to make-up for it by adding in a exercise to burn it off and curb my guilt a little.


What are your goals? Are you still following your New Years goals? Do you follow a system of rewards and punishments?


So I hope that you will join me on this journey in getting healthy, fighting PCOS, and taking a few shots of green.