Health and Lifestyle — The App Version

Our diet is the driving force of what keeps us healthy; something that should be exceedingly simple and natural to us has become a complicated maze.  It’s no longer a simple struggle on making the right choices between fast food and good food; today we struggle with a complex array of choices in health foods. We have to ask, is it really healthy? How processed is this? Should we eat organic, if so which foods? The list of questions is endless.

The modern way to fix this? Make apps.  When I went shopping for lifestyle and health apps I found a horrifying trend. On 3/27/13 Dominos was the second most downloaded app in the Lifestyle category and Starbucks at number 4. We debate about how to lower obesity and change our lifestyles so we can live healthier lives. Yet here we are.

After being stunned and side tracked in my quest to find healthier apps I was overwhelmed. So many options! So I narrowed it down to a few that seemed download worthy according to user ratings, trends, and app development.

health apps

1)Fitness pal- a simple way & free way to keep track of your calories and nutrients for the day and add friends to track progress.

2) Sparkpeople-An app and extensive online community to track your goals (weight loss/gain, support groups,food logs, and many others options). They also have forums according to your goals, health condition and state.

3)Loseit- Same concept of food tracking and goals to help lose weight

3) Noom Weight Loss Coach – Tips, tasks and everything you need from a virtual coach to stay healthy

4) Primal Paleo- How live, eat, and exercise the primal way. What I like is that is a easily navigational app and breakdown of primal foods (by season)

Some other apps /gadgets that I thought would be worth a try for PCOS’ers were:

1) Fitbit – This gadget that has taken over the health community with a storm. Tracks sleep, activity, food and progress through apps, gadgets, and personalized reports to lead a healthy lifestyle. Warning: its pricey!

2) Period Tracker—there are lot of options out there but I prefer and use the free version with the flower symbol because honestly I’m horrible otherwise at knowing how many days are in my cycle or remembering when I had my period and for how long.


As of right now I’m registered on Sparkpeople (not as active as I probably should be), Fitnesspal, Period tracker, and recently bought Primal Paleo. Another trend is the simple Instagram by capturing your food choices and following fitness/food bloggers for tips and inspiration.

What do you guys do?


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