April Week 2 Update

Groc week 2

I love taking pictures of my groceries, I feel like I’m accounted for and its kinda of a mood lifter for me knowing I’m on track. For the second week of April I bought groceries for the first time based on a pre-planned meal plan, and it actually went pretty well. I totaled in at $32 for the week.

I tried Cedar’s hummus for the first time to eat with veggies at work and I was not a fan, at all. I ended up just having the veggies, maybe because it was store bought or because I tried the wrong combo (spinach and artichoke). I’ll probably stick to homemade hummus unless anyone has some recommendations.

The second week of April I went on a trip to Dallas for a health conference for a volunteer program I am participating in. The program centers around University Of Pittsburg’s Health Initiative Program that has adults that are overweight or obese that want to make lifestyle changes to lose weight and learn to make healthy choices. I was approached for the program through my community center since I had managed to lose weight and keep it off and I am a RN. So I went with it, it sounded great, I love talking about health and getting people involved.

The conference was long, some-what informative, but very well put together. This was a program that had been around for 10 years and had significant data that helped patients lose weight, decrease their risk or control many diseases such as diabetes. I could see why, its set up as a community system for people to make life long changes.

Everything was great until they served the food. The first day it was pretty healthy but they kept serving snacks for break 10 minute break (which was scheduled every 1 hour to 1.5). Some how the second day things went down hill, they were serving deep fried burgers with fried buns! Even worse dessert was a baklava.

There were literally no other options for lunch, I was left feeling horribly bloated and disgusted. It was that or eat yogurts all day in my 8 hour conference while freezing in the hotel conference room. All of the people attending were some type of health professionals and obviously some what enthusiastic about health. We were all kinda stunned.I have to say it was organizers fault as they ordered the food and not the presenters for the program since they were invited.

My family in Dallas though amazed at my health transformation since I was in high school, still were very upset when I didn’t eat certain foods. It was such a battle. I came out somewhat successful.  I was never so happy to come home and have some home-made food!

act now pedo

My pedometer had walked 786 steps to arrive to me at the conference! 😉

My Check-in

Post Dallas weekend I stayed at the same weight, thankfully. Post Dallas though I feel  like I’ve lost the little definition I did have in my stomach. Sign.. time to get working on that.


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