The Organic Chowdown — The Dirty & Clean List

A lot of people, myself included, have started moving towards organic eating but sometimes its just not completely possible. I buy organic food from different venues but due to limitations such as availability and budget buying all organic isn’t possible.

Every year the Environmental Working Group releases two lists: The Dirty Dozen & The Clean Eating. These lists are based on the amount of pesticides found on fruits and vegetables, a guideline to reducing pesticide exposure in our diets.

The dirty dozen plus encompasses a list of the 12 foods with the highest levels of pesticides. The clean 15 list are the foods with the none to least amount of pesticides found. The “dirty” list are the foods that are best bought organically to reduce pesticide exposure but if not possible its best to clean these foods thoroughly before consuming them. The benefits of the fruits and vegetables with or without pesticides is greater than not consuming them or eating processed foods.

Check out EWG’s Dirty & Clean List

Recovered Autosave

The Dirty Dozen Plus Foods:
* Apples * Celery * Cherry Tomatoes *Cucumbers *Grapes *Hot Peppers *Imported Nectarines
* Peaches *Potatoes *Spinach *Strawberries *Sweet Bell Peppers *Kale/Collard Greens *Summer Squash

These foods have thin layers or are foods that we eat with the peels.

  • A good rule of thumb for when to buy organically is to see if the skin is thin or if you are eating it whole. If you have to peel away layers for foods like onions, avocados, and corn they are usually safe foods.


Buying organic foods on a budget can be a ordeal, check out your local farmers markets and stores like Kroger, Trader Joes, or other supermarkets to get the best deals. I buy most of my dried organic foods online check out my post and the discount code provided for $10 off your first purchase. 



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