June Foodie Penpal, The Box Of Goodies

I’ve been following The Lean Green Bean’s blog for sometime now and have loved creeping on all the foodie penpal swaps. This month I finally decided to join the fun.

Sierra from the Cmonfatso sent me my first box. I had let her know I was health conscious and she def kept that in mind. Check out my box of goodies and a sweet hand written note.


Pictured above:

  1. 2 Izze sparkling apple drinks
  2. 1 organic green tea from Adagio– I’ve been wanting to try these for a while so I am so psyched about this. I am a absolute Adagio addict
  3. Sara’s Pretzel Slims (100 calorie pack)
  4. Justin’s Organic Peanut Butter Cups — Oh I’m saving this sucker for the days I have a chocolate craving.
  5. The Good Bean sweet cinnamon flavored chick peas– Why have I never heard of this?
  6. 2 strawberry fruit bars from Archer Farms
  7. 2 protein bars from Nature Valley — I had this my first week of working night shifts at the hospital, such a life saver for the unexpected hunger I had at 2 am.
  8. Enjoy Life Not Nuts seed and fruit mix bag — I can tell I’m going to love this
  9. Blue Diamond blueberry flavored almonds
  10. Sweat Pink’s shoelaces — ❤

If you would like to join in on the foodie penpal, make sure to sign up before the 4th of July at The Lean Green Bean.leanbean


What’s In Your Froyo?

Froyo aka frozen yogurt.

Oh how the world rejoiced when this ice  cream alternative was introduced. Marketed as the healthy treat full of probiotics and a way to get your sweet tooth fix without the guilt. How can you go wrong with probiotics when they’re good for your tummy?

Yogurt in general contains L. acidophilus, a strain of “good” bacteria commonly referred to as a probiotic, it works by keeping the GI tract healthy and aids in digestion.

So how can you go wrong with Froyo?

  1. Portion Distortion

The smallest container size is 16oz. Fill the cup with the average 25 calories per oz frozen yogurt and that equals a whopping 400 calories.

Did you know: Visually one oz of frozen yogurt is the same as a golf ball.


2. Toppings Bar

This is where you can break or make your frozen yogurt trip from healthy to gluttony heaven. The topping bar or canister containers have everything ranging from crushed oreos, fruity pebbles, captain crunch, gummy bears, chocolate chips, and all types of other sugary concoctions. Closer to the check-out counter is where the fresh fruits and nuts can be found to hide any evidence of the overload of sugary goods.

Stick with fruits, small amount of nuts, or skip out on the toppings and enjoy your flavored yogurt as is.

frozen yogurt toppings

What does your froyo look like? I challenge you to show me your healthy frozen yogurt cups! 

Instagram me @ soul2quz and add handle #shotofgreen

P.S. Don’t be the person that abuses the sample cups but trying all the flavors. Stick to sampling a small amount of 2-3 flavors so you don’t overload on the calories.

Driven by Motivation

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas Edison 

Living healthy has been a process as I fall and I rise. Motivation is the driving force in keeping me from falling back into old habits, pushing myself to improve, and helping me maintain all my hard work. Today after a long time I’ve thought about what motivates me now.

Sometimes motivation comes in the simple form of a transformation picture, a quote on pinterest, or a compliment from a friend.

I keep going because I :

  1. Never want to to be ruled by my illnesses again
  2. Want to less self conscious– no baggy clothes or finding ways to hide “trouble areas” StrongHEALTHY
  3. Love the energy I have now
  4. Can be the change for my family, friends, and future generations
  5. Want to smile when I look in the mirror
  6. Am too proud to ever go back
  7. Want to be toned
  8. Want to be a inspiration to others
  9. Am proud of myself for getting this far
  10. Want to be Strong, Healthy, and Happy


This has been a great way for me to look at why I keep going to the gym, why I try to eat clean and healthy. Its been hard the last few weeks since I’ve taken up a second job. Temptation is around me literally everyday at work in the form of cookies, cakes, sweets, and take-out food from co-workers and gifts from patients. This just helps remind why I need to be strong.

What is your driving motivation?

Prepare to be healthy– Food Prep

Rushed mornings, hectic days and exhausting nights. 

How many people complain that they don’t have the time to be healthy, its easier and faster to buy something from the cafeteria.

I once read the quote “how do you expect to succeed if you don’t prepare?” 

Taking a few hours of time one day a week for food preparation is a great way to not only eat healthy but save time, money, and hassle of preparation. If preparing food for the whole week is not a appealing idea it might be easier to cook a few times a week and make extra to use as leftovers for lunch or dinner later.

Food preparation can be as simple or extensive as you desire. Cutting up veggies and fruits for meals later or making meals for the whole week.

Here is a picture of my simple food prep of cut up fruits for the week. My other picture shows my huge 4 lb container of strawberries that I got on sale. I love being able to pick up large amounts of fruit on sale and using it for later by freezing it. I prep and freeze it to use for smoothies or homemade yogurt fruit cups. I also have some beans on hand that I sprout, boil, and then put it in the fridge for use in soups and salads.

fruit prep may Strawberry gridbeans

A great food prepper is The Lean Green Bean, check out her and her readers weekly food prep:
Food Prep Inspiration


Updates on my site

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I can now be followed via bloglovin, icon has been added to the sidebar. Another big change is that I have recently been accepted as part of Her Campus Blogger Network! Woohoo! This means exciting new opportunities for me as a blogger and for my readers. Thank you to everyone who has been following me, you guys are awesome. ❤

May Madness- Groceries & Meals

I’ve been taking pictures of most of meals and groceries but haven’t been able to do the weekly pots. As my title suggest its been a maddening month. I now work a full time job, one part time job, and a weekly volunteer program. Sometimes you gotta do what you have to do, Illinois cuts way too many taxes for my paycheck to be adequate. Sign.

During May I made four trips for groceries. Three trips to a big box store and one to the local farmers market on the first they opened. Plus my month Nature box subscription.

groc maywhole foodsfarmers mayend of may

naturebox maybreakfast apples lunchpasta with avacado sauceeggs and veggieswork lunch may

barley:cousouscorn on the cob

I experimented with my foods this month and they turned out pretty dang spectacular if I do say so myself. I’ve been making large portions of either dinner or lunch and using them for a day or two.

Breakfast has usually been the usual affair of either a fruit such as apples with peanut butter or oatmeal with fruits.

Photographs above:

1) Groceries early may  from Food4less (Kroger)

2) Whole Foods — I picked up this delicious acai berry cereal that I just loved as a snack or granola

3) Farmers Market Haul

4) Groceries from Food4less near the end of the month

5) New Naturebox (link with discount code)

This months eats:

1) Apples & PB w/ hot chocolate       2) Lunch at work   – Tofurkey sandwich with pears and water

3) Spaghetti in avocado sauce & asparagus    4) Scrambled eggs with a plethora of veggies (recipe from Paleo Cookbook)

5) Work Lunch- Turkey and veggie sandwich, blueberries, and peach apple sauce

6) Dinner (and lunch for 2 days) – Couscous, barley, bok choy, and lots of veggies. This was my own recipe that filled me up quick.

7) Corn on the cob from memorial day.. YUM!