May Madness- Groceries & Meals

I’ve been taking pictures of most of meals and groceries but haven’t been able to do the weekly pots. As my title suggest its been a maddening month. I now work a full time job, one part time job, and a weekly volunteer program. Sometimes you gotta do what you have to do, Illinois cuts way too many taxes for my paycheck to be adequate. Sign.

During May I made four trips for groceries. Three trips to a big box store and one to the local farmers market on the first they opened. Plus my month Nature box subscription.

groc maywhole foodsfarmers mayend of may

naturebox maybreakfast apples lunchpasta with avacado sauceeggs and veggieswork lunch may

barley:cousouscorn on the cob

I experimented with my foods this month and they turned out pretty dang spectacular if I do say so myself. I’ve been making large portions of either dinner or lunch and using them for a day or two.

Breakfast has usually been the usual affair of either a fruit such as apples with peanut butter or oatmeal with fruits.

Photographs above:

1) Groceries early may  from Food4less (Kroger)

2) Whole Foods — I picked up this delicious acai berry cereal that I just loved as a snack or granola

3) Farmers Market Haul

4) Groceries from Food4less near the end of the month

5) New Naturebox (link with discount code)

This months eats:

1) Apples & PB w/ hot chocolate       2) Lunch at work   – Tofurkey sandwich with pears and water

3) Spaghetti in avocado sauce & asparagus    4) Scrambled eggs with a plethora of veggies (recipe from Paleo Cookbook)

5) Work Lunch- Turkey and veggie sandwich, blueberries, and peach apple sauce

6) Dinner (and lunch for 2 days) – Couscous, barley, bok choy, and lots of veggies. This was my own recipe that filled me up quick.

7) Corn on the cob from memorial day.. YUM!


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