Prepare to be healthy– Food Prep

Rushed mornings, hectic days and exhausting nights. 

How many people complain that they don’t have the time to be healthy, its easier and faster to buy something from the cafeteria.

I once read the quote “how do you expect to succeed if you don’t prepare?” 

Taking a few hours of time one day a week for food preparation is a great way to not only eat healthy but save time, money, and hassle of preparation. If preparing food for the whole week is not a appealing idea it might be easier to cook a few times a week and make extra to use as leftovers for lunch or dinner later.

Food preparation can be as simple or extensive as you desire. Cutting up veggies and fruits for meals later or making meals for the whole week.

Here is a picture of my simple food prep of cut up fruits for the week. My other picture shows my huge 4 lb container of strawberries that I got on sale. I love being able to pick up large amounts of fruit on sale and using it for later by freezing it. I prep and freeze it to use for smoothies or homemade yogurt fruit cups. I also have some beans on hand that I sprout, boil, and then put it in the fridge for use in soups and salads.

fruit prep may Strawberry gridbeans

A great food prepper is The Lean Green Bean, check out her and her readers weekly food prep:
Food Prep Inspiration



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