What’s In Your Froyo?

Froyo aka frozen yogurt.

Oh how the world rejoiced when this ice  cream alternative was introduced. Marketed as the healthy treat full of probiotics and a way to get your sweet tooth fix without the guilt. How can you go wrong with probiotics when they’re good for your tummy?

Yogurt in general contains L. acidophilus, a strain of “good” bacteria commonly referred to as a probiotic, it works by keeping the GI tract healthy and aids in digestion.

So how can you go wrong with Froyo?

  1. Portion Distortion

The smallest container size is 16oz. Fill the cup with the average 25 calories per oz frozen yogurt and that equals a whopping 400 calories.

Did you know: Visually one oz of frozen yogurt is the same as a golf ball.


2. Toppings Bar

This is where you can break or make your frozen yogurt trip from healthy to gluttony heaven. The topping bar or canister containers have everything ranging from crushed oreos, fruity pebbles, captain crunch, gummy bears, chocolate chips, and all types of other sugary concoctions. Closer to the check-out counter is where the fresh fruits and nuts can be found to hide any evidence of the overload of sugary goods.

Stick with fruits, small amount of nuts, or skip out on the toppings and enjoy your flavored yogurt as is.

frozen yogurt toppings

What does your froyo look like? I challenge you to show me your healthy frozen yogurt cups! 

Instagram me @ soul2quz and add handle #shotofgreen

P.S. Don’t be the person that abuses the sample cups but trying all the flavors. Stick to sampling a small amount of 2-3 flavors so you don’t overload on the calories.


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