Tea Time — Join me for a Cup of tea

Tea Time. The phrase brings forward images of british loyalty sipping tea from their delicate porcelain cups, Alice and Wonderland’s tea party, or if you’re historically inclined the boston tea party.

Proof the tea trend has hit America:

1) Supermarkets now have tea slash coffee isles

2) There is at least one tea specialty shop near you

3) Dunkin’ Donuts started selling Chai


I have AT LEAST one cup a day, sometimes two, maybe three. Its sorta kinda my addiction. I’ve never been a coffee girl but I’m pretty sure my cravings for tea are similar to those of coffee lovers out there.

What I love about this addiction is that any and every type of tea I drink has some type of health benefit.There are a few main types of tea: black, white, oolong, green, roobios, and herbal. Mixtures of tea and herbals are created for a potent and taste-bud exploding experience.  Each type of tea comes with its own health benefits and when added with herbals its creates a even bigger boost.


study published in the Journal of Nutrition found those who consumed green tea along with participating in a exercise regimen had a greater decrease in belly fat than just those who just exercised. This is due to the abundance of catecholamines or antioxidants found in green tea that burns fat and calories and targets abdominal fat. Green tea has also been linked  to aiding the body achieve clear skin, healthy hair, preventing cancer and stabilizing energy levels.

  • Black tea prevents plaque build-up, promotes cardiovascular health, helps prevent diabetes, aid in digestion, provides blood flow to the brain (the coffee alternative), helps build a stronger immune system.
  •  White tea has been said to have some of the most powerful antioxidants in preventing cancer
  • Oolong tea is also another tea said to help in weight loss, lower bad cholesterol, help with eczema and a natural stress reducer.


I love drinking tea in my tinker bell cup, that cup has been going strong since my high schools days. Featured above is also one of my favorite green tea’s that I always have in my home.

Another favorite that I’ve hooked my friends on as well is cardamom tea/chai. Oh man that hits the spot. I’ll be doing a post on how to make cardmom tea/chai soon.

Until then, Cheers Mate! (oh wait I think thats Australian)


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