Celebrating Transformations & Getting Back on Track

I’ve been overjoyed because I’ve managed to reach my goal weight by eating healthy over the last two years. Its been a long journey but it doesn’t end here. It’s a lifestyle. I don’t plan to go back to eating fast food or anything  and everything that catches my fancy.


My before picture from 2010 is one of my heaviest weights at 150. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but I barely hit 5’1, and I struggled up one flight of stairs. I was in the worst state of my life physically and mentally. Today I weigh in at 105 lbs but have the same energy I did when I was in middle school. All due to clean eating, a simple gym routine, and a whole lot of motivation.

I might have reached my goal weight but I realized that it’s not about the numbers on the scale. The last few months I’ve been wanting to tone my body. Nothing drastic like being able to bench 100 something pounds. I just want add definition to my body. Heres the thing though, I’ve been pretty bad about hitting the gym recently. By recently I mean I haven’t been to the gym in a month. Insert cringe face. I don’t want to start spewing out excuses BUT I have a mostly legit excuse. I switched to working night shifts at the hospital. I work one full time job, 1 part-time job, and volunteer. Finding the time in my schedule to work-out seems nearly impossible. Its seems impossible but all I really need to do it find a way to schedule it in. So I’m going to start penciling in my fitness days. I’ve started the process of working out at home again I just need to make my way to the gym soon. Baby steps right?

On a brighter note I celebrated my success and partly out of necessity bought quite a few things for my wardrobe. Below is the haul from Express for which I’m finding ways to wear out! I also made good use of Poshmark to build up my wardrobe on a budget. What can I say, I just need a excuse to shop.

express hauk


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