Healthy Packaged Snacks – Part 2

Bag ripping goodness without the guilt. Part two of my healthy packaged snacks post includes a few brands that I love, all of these brands are packaged foods that are minimally processed and close to being home made as it gets.


The total and utter excitement I had when I found “clean” cookies that I didn’t have to make is embarrassing. Completely in love with Go Raw’s Chocolate Super Cookies.. oh so good! Of course they are more like thin crisps then cookies but it satisfies the craving.

Go Raw has few types of cookies, granola, energy bars, and chocolate. All minimally processed and ingredients on the front of the bag.  These make for great snacks, carry alongs, or for toppings.
go raw


One of the unhealthiest “health” foods by the marketing industry. Most cereals are filled with boat loads of sugar, bleached wheat, and added preservatives. Even the organic and healthy brands packed a ingredient list longer that needed. So I stayed away, until now. Food for Life carries a no frills, simple and clean cereal in 3-4 varieties. Don’t expect them to be taste anything like cinnamon toast crunch or other conventional cereals.


Peanut butter & Jelly! Crofter’s Organic Just Fruit Spread is sweetened with fruit juice and made with real fruit. Yummy and just 30 calories per serving!

Chips (Sort-of):

Fruits and Veggies made into crispy chips count right? Bare-Fruit bakes fruit with some spices like cinnamon to satisfy those salty crunchy cravings.

I love making Kale Chips at home or grabbing a bag from the health store for a guilt-free chip snack.

What are your guilt-free or guilty pleasure snacks that you love?

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**Disclaimer: I am not compensated by any of these brands or websites… sadly. This post is my own opinion. **


The Addiction Swap – One Sweet to Another

I have a major sweet tooth. Chocolate, cheesecake, cookies, cakes, pastries, donuts… well you get the idea. I see it and I want it with such a passion, its hard to look away much less walk away.

I’m like Remy from Ratatouille following the smell of food.


I still have treats once in a while and try to control my portions. To satisfy the craving and not jump in my car or head to the closest vending machine I’ve found a sweet substitute. Fruit.

I have a shelf in my fridge and big bowl on my table dedicated to fruit. I have fruit after every meal, as a snack, or as a light meal when working nights.


See, fruit all the time. I’ve been enjoying berry session and I’m already starting to mourn the loss of summer because these won’t be around.  Fortunately I’ve thought ahead and started freezing them for the hibernation months in Chicago.

I’ve basically switched my obsession/ addiction for processed yummy sweets for healthy clean sweets…. mostly. As I mentioned earlier I still enjoy sweets once in a while, it keeps me happy and I tend to not feel deprived every time I see them.  I’m immensely happy when I’m able to walk away from a box of donuts or cookies at the nurses station. Once in a while I’ll treat myself with something I really want and do it without guilt (mostly). Moderation is key in those instances.

What’s your food addiction or weakness?

Healthy Packaged Snacks

Ever just need a tote em and go snack? No spills, refrigeration, or mashed up bananas kinda snack. I’ve compiled a list of some healthy & minimally processed packaged snacks for busy days.

1) Prepare your own snacks-
Snack size bags of carrots, fruits, granola, trail mix, or other goodies. Prepared and ready to grab.

Try Justin’s almond butter single serve packets  or snack size hummus along with apples, celery or anything else you like to pair it with.


2) Seaweed Snacks- available in to- go packs of 20 calories. Perfect to throw in a bag, keep in the car, or locker. This popular snack now has more than the original 3 flavors, there’s a cracked pepper and herb one! Health food stores and online retailers carry an array or brands and flavors.
seaweed snack

3) Prepackaged Nuts – Available in 100 calorie packs for ease and portion control.
Steer clear of trail mixes with tons of added sugar and salt. Keep it simple and healthy. Create personal trail mixes or nut                 mixes ready to grab.


4) Peeled Fruit Snacks- Pure dehydrated fruit, simple and sweet.

5) Pre-Boiled Eggs – Boil a few eggs any time during the week and keep them handy in fridge in a carton or ziploc bag ready to go. Packed with protein and low on calorie this is a perfect filler-upper.  Now available in pre-boiled and peeled packages.

6) Unsweetened Applesauce or Go Go squeezable applesauce- Relive some childhood moments with this simple and healthy snack. Look for no sugar added or sweetened with fruit juice varieties in stores.

Check out part 2 of healthy packaged snacks / brands

Cherries- Superfood of the Week


This sweet and tart fruit is a superfood in many ways, its provides relief from aching joints or can provide a good night of sleep. Like most fruits and vegetables it helps the body protect itself with high levels of antioxidants (little warriors in the body) and reduce harmful radicals in the body. Cherries boost a high level of fiber, vitamin A, C, & K that protect and heal the body by some of the ways listed below. 

Cherries Aid the body by: 

  • Reducing Hypertension- high levels of potassium reduce blood pressure and balance water levels in the body. (When water in balanced its helps balance sodium levels, where water goes sodium follows). 

  • Inflammation relief – helps reduce pain from inflamed joints (arthritis or otherwise)

  • Cancer Prevention- high levels of beta carotene, vitamin c, anthocyanins and quercetin found in dark sweet cherries prevent cancer and possibly reduce growth of further cancerous cells 

  • Maintain a Healthy Weight- low in calories, high in fiber, and anthocyanins found in tart cherries help burn fat and keep the body fuller longer. 


Healthy Ways to Consume Cherries: 

  1. Homemade Quick Oatmeal, Cherries, Almond and Chocolate Cookies (perfect for the sweet tooth) 

  2. Cherry Trail Mix – Homemade mixture nuts and dried cherries

  3. Green Salad with pitted cherries and light vinaigrette 

  4. Oatmeal with dried or fresh pitted cherries 

  5. Cherry sauce for salads or with glazed chicken 

  6. Plain spritzer with cherries and mint for a summer cool down

  7. Homemade granola bars with dried cherries. These no bake recipes are a simple concoction of cereal or oats, with nuts, and dried fruits for a healthy breakfast or snack.

  8. Greek yogurt with cherries 

  9. Raw cherries