The Queen’s Drink- Saffron Milk

My Queen’s Drink of Saffron Milk has a luxurious and rich flavor to help wind down after a long day and lull the mind into a deep sleep.
saffron milk

The Queen’s Drink is perfect to enjoy shortly before bedtime, saffron contains many medicinal purposes, one of them is inducing sleep when mixed with warm milk.

Some other note-worthy benefits include appetite suppressant, anti-depressent, PMS cramp relief, gas and heartburn relief. Saffron is also rich is many vitamins, minerals, and high in anti-oxidants.

The Queen’s Drink will surely warm your body, mind, and heart into feeling like a egyptian queen while engulfing you with the aromatic smell and taste of saffron.


1) 8 oz Milk or Soy Milk
2) Small pinch of Saffron
3) 1 tsp of Nut Mix
4) 2-3 Cardamom Pods
5) 2 Tbs Honey or Brown Sugar

Directions for Nut Mix:

1) Grind 3 Almonds & 3 shelled pistachios until a fine to moderate powder consistency. Can be made in large batches and stored in a tight container for future use.

Drink Instructions:

1) Warm 8 oz of milk on stovetop on low to medium heat. Do not let the milk boil over and stir frequently to prevent burning.
2) Once slightly warmed add Cardamom pods or 1/4 tsp cardamom powder to milk
3) After 1 minute add pinch of saffron. Within a few minutes the saffron will infuse in the milk and release a golden yellow color. Stir well once color is released from saffron, the saffron should melt into the milk slowly.
4) Add choice of sweetener and stir
5) Sprinkle nut mix
6) Let milk cool slightly
7) Serve and garnish with nut mix if desired.
8) Unwind and allow yourself to relax and sleep like a queen.


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