10 Random Tidbits

The 10 Random Facts post has been circulating around the blogger world and I’ve caught the bug from Her Campus Network. I was tagged by Sammi from College Beauty Buff, she covers everything beauty and fashion on a budget.

1) I work nights, i’m talking 3rd shift or also known as the grave diggers shift. This has hands down murdered and buried my already struggling social life.

2) I am a only child. Its not as wonderful as people think,  there is no one else to pin the blame on.

3) I love Disney movies. I can watch them again and again.

4) I am total and utter book worm. Once I start a book there is no putting it down, sleep and food be damned.

5) I homeschooled my self my freshmen year of high school.

6) I got my nose pierced when I was 14. It was a graduation present from my mom after two years of begging. It took my dad three days to notice.

7) My middle name is my dads name, supposedly a family tradition. I just use the initial.

8) I’ve had maybe 5 cups of coffee of my whole life, all during my senior year of college.

9) My roommates use to steer clear of me for at least one hour after I woke up, I’m not a pleasant person after waking up. Its almost like I wake up with a hang-over every morning.

10) I wear Hello Kitty glasses.

Since I’m so late in churning out this post if anyone would like to be tagged to do the post, let me know!