Pump It Up — Workout Songs

The holidays are coming to an end and pants just don’t button up as smoothly. It’s busiest season at the gym, new memberships, post-holiday frantic workouts, and new years resolutions to be healthy. To make the best of your limited time after a much awaited wait for every single machine. The best way to get the most of any workout is to have your heart rate at the optimal level. Best way to do it, some great music to help you get pumped up and in the zone.

gym jan

Pump it Up Songs:

  • Little numbers — Boy (My favorite warm up song)
  • Wake Me Up— Avicii
  • Counting Stars — One Republic
  • Roar– Katy Perry
  • Summertime Sadness — Lana Del Rey
  • I Need Your Love –Calvin Harris
  • Demons — Imagine Dragons
  • All Night — Icona Pop
  • Royals — Lorde
  • Fighter — Christina Aguilera Playlist with all the listed songs. What are some of you favorite songs?

Shaking it Up

It’s cold outside. Sub-zero weather cold. I probably debate longer about going to the gym than I spend at the gym. I needed to shake it up a little (at home preferably) to keep active and keep off any extra holiday weight. I came across Doonya — a Bollywood Dance & Fitness. Score!

I love to shake it up, admittedly I don’t have the best moves or hip groves, but it gets me moving. I dance and sweat all within the confines of my warm home. Doonya provides a a fusion or workout moves to bollywood dance moves on popular new Bollywood songs. Think the bollywood verison of Shaun T’s Hip Hop Moves.

New Workout-- Dooniya

Thats me grooving away during one of my Elf4Health new workout challenges. Hopefully this will help me learn a few dance moves.

If you’re interested check out Doonya on their website or on youtube. How are you guys shaking it up to stay healthy this holiday season? Any new workouts that you’ve tried or want to try?

Healthy Fall Haul

I might work crazy weird hours but I can always find time to shop. I’ve just turned to online shopping a little more.

Many of my things needed updating and other stuff has just been treats for myself all in the name of fitness & health.

My biggest purchase was Organic Authority’s Fall Harvest Time Box. I was so psyched to get it and of course I ended up facing all this drama to get my hands on it. Long story short FedEx delivered it to an address that did not exist, but I tracked that sucker down. On the upside look at all those goodies!


A few small purchases include the top one from Amazon, bottom left from Etsy, and bottom right from Marshall’s.

I’m already thinking about the holidays and goodies I want to make myself and others (all clean of course!) so I picked up the bite size mold, cacao nibs, and silicon cups. I can’t wait to start trying all the ideas in my head. I’m thinking cacao and nut treats… yummy meets healthy. The Etsy haul includes sandwich and snack size re-usable bags for a greener lunch without all the plastic.

That’s it for now, now being the operative word, since I do love shopping. Stay healthy, stay happy guys.