Savory Spicy Holiday Popcorn

The holidays are centered around two things : family and food. This time of year delicious decadent recipes for the holidays are being cranked out. However, I’m going to present to you, my healthy holiday snack of homemade popcorn.

Did you know: The chemical perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), in the lining of a popcorn bag, is part of a class of compounds that may be linked to infertility in humans, according to a recent study from UCLA.

Homemade popcorn is not only healthier but dirt cheap. At about .36 cents per serving you can’t go wrong! Simply pick-up a bag of regular or organic popcorn kernels.  A plain cup of popcorn is only 30 calories, the perfect way to snack without the guilt or harmful chemicals.

So I present to you my holiday special popcorn to enjoy before during or after the holidays. It’s a weird combination but I promise all those craving a spice kick will love it.

Savory Spicy Holiday Popcorn 


  • 4 Tbs popcorn kernels
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp Himalayan pink salt
  • 1/2 tsp oregano
  • 1/4 tsp paprika
  • 1/4 tsp cumin
  • pinch of basil
  • Cooking sprayspicy popcorn

Did you know: Cinnamon can lower blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and fight bacteria.


  1. Place popcorn kernels in brown paper bag and microwave on regular popcorn settings  or pop in covered skillet
  2. Spread popcorn on a small tray and spray with olive oil cooking spray
  3. Sprinkle all seasoning on popcorn and mix with hands
  4. Serve and enjoy!

Love cheesy popcorn? Sprinkle with 1-2 tsp parmesan cheese and 1/4 tsp chives.

eating popcorn

Enjoying my popcorn with some tea while watching the blind side with my mommy. ❤


Food Fight – My Weekly Eats

The title of weekly eats by itself sounded so plain, so run of the mill. I think I’ll be calling my weekly eats the food fight of the week. I figure its a fight with food, myself and others in my life to eat healthy and clean. I think its cute, but then again I’m corny.


Breakfast foods (at work and home): starting at the top left corner spinach and mushroom omelette, oatmeal with half a banana, goji berries, sliced almonds and heaps of cinnamon plus fruit (repeatedly), and a loaded antioxidant toast with some chai.


Dinner/Lunches: This week I played off a few foods that I prepared enough for a few days. Wrap stations with sauteed spinach, red beans, onions, spring mix, and veggie mix from Trader Joe’s. I probably did this for 2-3 days with carrots or beets on the side. I also made a stir fry with the veggie mix with some added broccoli one day and tofu one day in leftovers. Pictured bottom right from left to right is indian flat bread with dal (yellow lentil soup) and cauliflower in turmeric and quinoa with avocado and green peppers with a side of beets.


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Healthy Fall Haul

I might work crazy weird hours but I can always find time to shop. I’ve just turned to online shopping a little more.

Many of my things needed updating and other stuff has just been treats for myself all in the name of fitness & health.

My biggest purchase was Organic Authority’s Fall Harvest Time Box. I was so psyched to get it and of course I ended up facing all this drama to get my hands on it. Long story short FedEx delivered it to an address that did not exist, but I tracked that sucker down. On the upside look at all those goodies!


A few small purchases include the top one from Amazon, bottom left from Etsy, and bottom right from Marshall’s.

I’m already thinking about the holidays and goodies I want to make myself and others (all clean of course!) so I picked up the bite size mold, cacao nibs, and silicon cups. I can’t wait to start trying all the ideas in my head. I’m thinking cacao and nut treats… yummy meets healthy. The Etsy haul includes sandwich and snack size re-usable bags for a greener lunch without all the plastic.

That’s it for now, now being the operative word, since I do love shopping. Stay healthy, stay happy guys.

Weekly Eats – October Edition

My weekly eats for the end of October are pretty redundant… I’m going through a phase with oatmeal.
Pictured from top left to right is a bulk items (goji’s, dates, almonds, figs, and almond butter) and some pantry essentials from Whole Foods. Tons of fresh fruit, veggies and almond milk. Bottom left hand corner from Whole Foods is milk, bulk items, and eggs and frozen veggies. Then lots of fresh produce from the farmers markets… I kinda got happy with those apples.


Eats at work (2-3 am) is almost oatmeal everyday with fresh fruit stirred in and one the side. Changed it up one day with a almond butter & jelly sandwich stuffed with bananas. I am going through a complete oatmeal phase right now.


Meals before work so technically dinners consisted of: Quinoa with veggies and 1/4 of a avocado and beets, grilled avocado sandwich with veggies & hummus, grilled avocado with almond cheese and carrots and grapes, bowl of mung beans roasted corn and broccoli and a side of stauteed tindoras, tofu scramble with a plethora of veggies, grapes, and toast to spread, leftover tofu scramble on homemade indian bread with a side of beets, turmeric cauliflower wrapped in chapatti bread, salmon with veggies, beets, and potato biscuits at the Galamous Gala (desserts not pictured), and a tofu burger.


Actual breakfast at home on some normal and abnormal times (ranging from 8am to 4pm). Starting from top  left hand corner: 2 egg omelet with homemade indian bread and tea, toast with almond  butter topped with a kiwi and antioxidant mix, toast with almond butter topped with half a banana cinnamon, honey, and dried fruit mix drizzled with honey and side of fruit bowl, oatmeal topped with strawberries, cranberries, and PB, toast topped with half a banana and dried cherries with cinnamon, Queen’s Saffron Milk, grilled plantains and side of fruit, and lastly some more oatmeal with raspberries & bananas.


I was pretty good but totally caved at the Glamorous Gala I attended for a charity benefit for my hospital, they had a fabulous dessert table that I completely indulged in.  I’ll being doing a post of my night out (one of the rare occasions) soon.

Raspberry Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

When I first heard of Chia seeds I automatically had the cha-cha Chia pets theme song play in my head. Turns out Chia seeds are more than grass grown on the popular 80’s Chia pets.

It took me a few tries to get the consistency right for a pudding. The best part is that it doesn’t even need overnight soaking.


Ingredients: ( 1 Serving -Snack Size)

1) 4 Tbs Chia seeds
2) 3 Tbs Water
3) 3 Tbs Unsweetened Almond Milk
4) Sweetener of choice, I used 5 drops of liquid stevia

1) 4 Raspberries cut in halves
2) Cacao Nibs
3) Unsweetened shredded coconut
4) 1 Shredded pistachio


1) In a jar or container place chia seeds and water. Shake well and refrigerate for at least 15 minutes.
2) Add milk and stir well (the milk will absorb and form a pudding like consistency)
3) Add Sweetener and stir
4) Garnish with toppings, serve, & enjoy!

The Queen’s Drink- Saffron Milk

My Queen’s Drink of Saffron Milk has a luxurious and rich flavor to help wind down after a long day and lull the mind into a deep sleep.
saffron milk

The Queen’s Drink is perfect to enjoy shortly before bedtime, saffron contains many medicinal purposes, one of them is inducing sleep when mixed with warm milk.

Some other note-worthy benefits include appetite suppressant, anti-depressent, PMS cramp relief, gas and heartburn relief. Saffron is also rich is many vitamins, minerals, and high in anti-oxidants.

The Queen’s Drink will surely warm your body, mind, and heart into feeling like a egyptian queen while engulfing you with the aromatic smell and taste of saffron.


1) 8 oz Milk or Soy Milk
2) Small pinch of Saffron
3) 1 tsp of Nut Mix
4) 2-3 Cardamom Pods
5) 2 Tbs Honey or Brown Sugar

Directions for Nut Mix:

1) Grind 3 Almonds & 3 shelled pistachios until a fine to moderate powder consistency. Can be made in large batches and stored in a tight container for future use.

Drink Instructions:

1) Warm 8 oz of milk on stovetop on low to medium heat. Do not let the milk boil over and stir frequently to prevent burning.
2) Once slightly warmed add Cardamom pods or 1/4 tsp cardamom powder to milk
3) After 1 minute add pinch of saffron. Within a few minutes the saffron will infuse in the milk and release a golden yellow color. Stir well once color is released from saffron, the saffron should melt into the milk slowly.
4) Add choice of sweetener and stir
5) Sprinkle nut mix
6) Let milk cool slightly
7) Serve and garnish with nut mix if desired.
8) Unwind and allow yourself to relax and sleep like a queen.

September Eats – Weekly Eats & Groceries

I had originally planned on doing weekly eats when I started the blog. Except I sometimes dig into my meals before I can take pictures or something and the other. No more! Hopefully. I love the fact that it keeps my meals in check, I can share the different foods I eat, and possibly inspire others to eat healthy.

The last weeks of September here are some of my eats:

breakfast sep

Pictured above are my “regular” breakfast days for when I’m able to eat breakfast at the intended time of day. Homemade guac with toast and tea, blue oatmeal and blue almond milk smoothie, toast with peanut butter and banana, omelette with roasted veggies on the side, oatmeal with fruit, and strawberry and peach smoothie.

dinner sep

Pictured above are my eats at work, so meals that end up falling between 1 am and 3am. I found eating heavy meals just didn’t work for me at this time, my stomach needed something light and easy. It ends up being a meal similar to breakfast for me, its close enough to regular breakfast time anyway I figure. Oatmeal with baby banana, oatmeal with sliced apple, toast and guac with fruit, mixed salad, bean soup with salad and blueberries, yogurt and cherries, PB&J sandwich with apple, mixed fruits and cucumbers, mixed berries and mixed nuts.

Shopping Hauls:
big groc haul

Small grocery picks up during the week that include stocking up on blueberries and nuts. I also have a small order from that included my first museli, I can’t wait to try it!

small groc

This is my large grocery haul from just a few days ago. On my day off I ended up making 3 grocery store trips (Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and Food 4 Less). Now I’m done for a good week and a half or so.

Thats all!

Any food picture takers out there want to share their eats?! Tag on instagram at #shotofgreen or post your links and I would love to check them out.