Vegan Indian Carrot Pudding

Deep frying has become a integral part of Indian cuisine in many households. It’s almost a obsession. I’m talking everything from appetizers to desserts being deep fried then glazed in sugar syrup. However, it can also be one of the healthiest cuisines with its use of Ayurvedic spices. I grew up with a mixture of deep fried everything and Ayurvedic food combinations, sometimes all in one sitting.

One of my favorite desserts was Gajar Ka Halwa or carrot pudding. It’s a sweet and satisfying but calorie dense dessert. This clean eating version is a guilt-free treat that can be enjoyed again and again by the whole family. It’s vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and paleo friendly with a simple modification

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Food Fight – My Weekly Eats

The title of weekly eats by itself sounded so plain, so run of the mill. I think I’ll be calling my weekly eats the food fight of the week. I figure its a fight with food, myself and others in my life to eat healthy and clean. I think its cute, but then again I’m corny.


Breakfast foods (at work and home): starting at the top left corner spinach and mushroom omelette, oatmeal with half a banana, goji berries, sliced almonds and heaps of cinnamon plus fruit (repeatedly), and a loaded antioxidant toast with some chai.


Dinner/Lunches: This week I played off a few foods that I prepared enough for a few days. Wrap stations with sauteed spinach, red beans, onions, spring mix, and veggie mix from Trader Joe’s. I probably did this for 2-3 days with carrots or beets on the side. I also made a stir fry with the veggie mix with some added broccoli one day and tofu one day in leftovers. Pictured bottom right from left to right is indian flat bread with dal (yellow lentil soup) and cauliflower in turmeric and quinoa with avocado and green peppers with a side of beets.


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Healthy Fall Haul

I might work crazy weird hours but I can always find time to shop. I’ve just turned to online shopping a little more.

Many of my things needed updating and other stuff has just been treats for myself all in the name of fitness & health.

My biggest purchase was Organic Authority’s Fall Harvest Time Box. I was so psyched to get it and of course I ended up facing all this drama to get my hands on it. Long story short FedEx delivered it to an address that did not exist, but I tracked that sucker down. On the upside look at all those goodies!


A few small purchases include the top one from Amazon, bottom left from Etsy, and bottom right from Marshall’s.

I’m already thinking about the holidays and goodies I want to make myself and others (all clean of course!) so I picked up the bite size mold, cacao nibs, and silicon cups. I can’t wait to start trying all the ideas in my head. I’m thinking cacao and nut treats… yummy meets healthy. The Etsy haul includes sandwich and snack size re-usable bags for a greener lunch without all the plastic.

That’s it for now, now being the operative word, since I do love shopping. Stay healthy, stay happy guys.

Haul of Organic Foods from iHerb & Discount Code

I was recently running a little low on a few pantry items and had my eye on a few new products. I like to use to order a lot of my products because they are always reasonably priced and it gets delivered to my door. I realized quickly that some things were just way to expensive to be buying at my local grocers despite having such a wide variety in Chicago. offers groceries, supplements, bath and beauty items, kids/babies products, and many other range of items. I recommend getting all your pantry items and supplements here! Scroll down to see the discounts offered and a code I have available.

Here is what I picked up for this order


**Everything Ordered is Organic**

1)Flax Seed Meal

2) Buckwheat Flour

3) Oat Flour

4) Apple Cider Vinegar

5) Extra-Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

6) Unsweetened Coconut Milk

7) Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

8) Dried Cranberries

9) CocoCardio unsweetened (Cocoa, beet juice, and hibiscus flower powder)

10) Salted Sesame Sticks

11) Coco Butter Chapstick

12) Gummy Multivitamins

13) Toffee Chocolate (not pictured)

— everything for $52.. how great of a deal is that? If you are interested check them out at They offer shipping worldwide and the code supplied can be used worldwide as well!

Discounts available:

  • 1st time users: Use code RIM717 to get $10 off $40 or more of items or $5 off for smaller orders
  • Free 3 day shipping for orders of $40 or more (always!)
  • Plus they offer discounts (automatically applied) of 5% over any order over $60.
  • Free Sample of your choosing from their sample tab

** Disclaimer: I am not paid or compensated for this post. The referral code given is my generated by which is given to every customer to use**

April Week 2 Update

Groc week 2

I love taking pictures of my groceries, I feel like I’m accounted for and its kinda of a mood lifter for me knowing I’m on track. For the second week of April I bought groceries for the first time based on a pre-planned meal plan, and it actually went pretty well. I totaled in at $32 for the week.

I tried Cedar’s hummus for the first time to eat with veggies at work and I was not a fan, at all. I ended up just having the veggies, maybe because it was store bought or because I tried the wrong combo (spinach and artichoke). I’ll probably stick to homemade hummus unless anyone has some recommendations.

The second week of April I went on a trip to Dallas for a health conference for a volunteer program I am participating in. The program centers around University Of Pittsburg’s Health Initiative Program that has adults that are overweight or obese that want to make lifestyle changes to lose weight and learn to make healthy choices. I was approached for the program through my community center since I had managed to lose weight and keep it off and I am a RN. So I went with it, it sounded great, I love talking about health and getting people involved.

The conference was long, some-what informative, but very well put together. This was a program that had been around for 10 years and had significant data that helped patients lose weight, decrease their risk or control many diseases such as diabetes. I could see why, its set up as a community system for people to make life long changes.

Everything was great until they served the food. The first day it was pretty healthy but they kept serving snacks for break 10 minute break (which was scheduled every 1 hour to 1.5). Some how the second day things went down hill, they were serving deep fried burgers with fried buns! Even worse dessert was a baklava.

There were literally no other options for lunch, I was left feeling horribly bloated and disgusted. It was that or eat yogurts all day in my 8 hour conference while freezing in the hotel conference room. All of the people attending were some type of health professionals and obviously some what enthusiastic about health. We were all kinda stunned.I have to say it was organizers fault as they ordered the food and not the presenters for the program since they were invited.

My family in Dallas though amazed at my health transformation since I was in high school, still were very upset when I didn’t eat certain foods. It was such a battle. I came out somewhat successful.  I was never so happy to come home and have some home-made food!

act now pedo

My pedometer had walked 786 steps to arrive to me at the conference! 😉

My Check-in

Post Dallas weekend I stayed at the same weight, thankfully. Post Dallas though I feel  like I’ve lost the little definition I did have in my stomach. Sign.. time to get working on that.

Health and Lifestyle — The App Version

Our diet is the driving force of what keeps us healthy; something that should be exceedingly simple and natural to us has become a complicated maze.  It’s no longer a simple struggle on making the right choices between fast food and good food; today we struggle with a complex array of choices in health foods. We have to ask, is it really healthy? How processed is this? Should we eat organic, if so which foods? The list of questions is endless.

The modern way to fix this? Make apps.  When I went shopping for lifestyle and health apps I found a horrifying trend. On 3/27/13 Dominos was the second most downloaded app in the Lifestyle category and Starbucks at number 4. We debate about how to lower obesity and change our lifestyles so we can live healthier lives. Yet here we are.

After being stunned and side tracked in my quest to find healthier apps I was overwhelmed. So many options! So I narrowed it down to a few that seemed download worthy according to user ratings, trends, and app development.

health apps

1)Fitness pal- a simple way & free way to keep track of your calories and nutrients for the day and add friends to track progress.

2) Sparkpeople-An app and extensive online community to track your goals (weight loss/gain, support groups,food logs, and many others options). They also have forums according to your goals, health condition and state.

3)Loseit- Same concept of food tracking and goals to help lose weight

3) Noom Weight Loss Coach – Tips, tasks and everything you need from a virtual coach to stay healthy

4) Primal Paleo- How live, eat, and exercise the primal way. What I like is that is a easily navigational app and breakdown of primal foods (by season)

Some other apps /gadgets that I thought would be worth a try for PCOS’ers were:

1) Fitbit – This gadget that has taken over the health community with a storm. Tracks sleep, activity, food and progress through apps, gadgets, and personalized reports to lead a healthy lifestyle. Warning: its pricey!

2) Period Tracker—there are lot of options out there but I prefer and use the free version with the flower symbol because honestly I’m horrible otherwise at knowing how many days are in my cycle or remembering when I had my period and for how long.


As of right now I’m registered on Sparkpeople (not as active as I probably should be), Fitnesspal, Period tracker, and recently bought Primal Paleo. Another trend is the simple Instagram by capturing your food choices and following fitness/food bloggers for tips and inspiration.

What do you guys do?

Check-in for first week of April


As of 4/1/2013

My height is 5’1 but then again that hasn’t changed since I was in 5th grade.

Weight: 117.5 pounds

Waist Circumference: ? Can’t find the measuring tape but I am down to a size 0 in jeans

Chest: 34

My waist despite wearing a size 0 has little to no tone and has fat padding in the middle. I can wear the size 0 because I have no hips, at all. While this is not my ideal weight or waist circumference I am proud of myself.   Two years ago my body was hidden behind baggy clothes and most days I ate until I was disgusted with myself. As I mention in my about me I had an array of problems and excuses. When I started the process of nursing school and started to learn more about nutrition, health, and the importance of eating right I started the first steps to my change. I was a 5’1 girl that weighed 148 pounds; I don’t know most of my measurements because I would never let that happen. The trouble was that I knew I was overweight I just didn’t realize how
much. Measurement wise I use to wear a 38DD, shirts sized large or extra-large, and I use to squeeze myself into skin tight jeans in a size 6 in which my stomach popped out over the top.

My achievements:

  • I’ve been successful in eating healthy this week.
  • I’ve made my own Chobani fruit yogurts to cut out the added sugars.
  • Experimented with Quinoa recipes such as quinoa burgers
  • Added tofu into my foods instead of meat
  • Taken lunch to work every day these past two weeks
  • Had breakfast everyday these past two weeks

My Goals:

  • Eat healthy on my trip to Dallas this week—my family there does not believe in diet and I will be stuck in conference for 8 hours a day there. This will be my biggest challenge
  • Work out at least 2-3 times this next week for at least 15 minutes. I’ve cut down on the time just because I will be staying with a family and have a very packed schedule. Maybe I can lift my baby cousin as strength training 😉 … seriously.
  • Relax- My week starts with 9-10 hour work days this week and goes into flying to Dallas to live with my somewhat eccentric family and attend 2 days of very long conferences on health.

Here is a picture of my groceries this week, nice and green.


Anyone that would like to check –in?