‘Tiss the Season for Gift Giving

Health enthusiasts are hard to shop for with every person having different lifestyles & health restrictions. Cue in head scratching. A lot of people have expressed confusion and the frustration they felt shopping for my birthday and even now for the holidays. They’re having a hard time understanding what is allowed in my healthy lifestyle. I always get the question, so can you eat chocolate, how about skinny popcorn, no? What about skinny cow? Ya, lots of explaining to people about my clean eating life-style, over and over again. So I can only imagine the trouble others go through. 

I’ve put together a few basics that should work for any health enthusiast or the aspiring ones. Vegetarian, vegan, paleo eater, the clean eater, and the kinda sorta health enthusiast. The perfect thing about holiday shopping is that New Years resolutions are around the corner, for many people every year thats includes some form of being more healthy. The Holiday Gift Guide features workout accessories and some essentials that everyone can use beyond yoga pants.

Examples below include a cute gym bag that can be stuffed with any of the other shown items. The same idea can be applied to a cosmetic or accessory bag filled with things like face wipes, hair ties, ear buds, dry shampoo, and lip balms. If you know they’re interested in a certain sport or workout feel free to buy items like stretch bands, yoga mats, workout DVD’s, or warm tech gloves. 


Workout Wishlist

Same concept for a healthy pantry,  get someone started by helping them start or stock up. It’s the sugar, spice and everything nice gift guide.

Consider these items for a healthy pantry:

  • Popular super-foods: chia seeds, goji berries, cacao nibs and hemp seeds.
  • Drinks: Tea, coffee or cocoa powder.
    • Don’t forget  a cute tea ball strainer or tea cloth bag with loose tea.
    • A cute themed gift basket centered around tea or coffee can easily be made with different tea varieties, honey, travelers mug & coffee or tea mug.
  • Seasonings: Pepper & salt mills, spices (cinnamon, cumin, basil, oregano, parsley, etc), Braggs liquid aminos, vinegar’s and olive oil.
  • Spreads & Nut Butters: Organic honey, pure fruit jams, nut butters (without the chemicals, sugars & preservatives).
    • There are many nut butters available including but not limited to sunflower, peanut free, cashew, pastachio, almond, and multiple nuts & seeds combined.
    • I love Nuttzo, Moxie, or grinding pure almond butter at whole foods or other health food markets.
  • Nuts & Seeds: Go nutty! Almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.  Try to keep it simple & without the add-ons if unsure of diet type. Read the ingredients to make sure it’s without oils, too much salt, or other preservatives.
  • Kitchen Gadgets: If still unsure try a few things that can be useful in any healthy kitchen such as a compact veggie steamer, veggie spiraler, water bottles, salt & pepper mills, and eco-friendly BPA free storage containers for home or work.