Shaking it Up

It’s cold outside. Sub-zero weather cold. I probably debate longer about going to the gym than I spend at the gym. I needed to shake it up a little (at home preferably) to keep active and keep off any extra holiday weight. I came across Doonya — a Bollywood Dance & Fitness. Score!

I love to shake it up, admittedly I don’t have the best moves or hip groves, but it gets me moving. I dance and sweat all within the confines of my warm home. Doonya provides a a fusion or workout moves to bollywood dance moves on popular new Bollywood songs. Think the bollywood verison of Shaun T’s Hip Hop Moves.

New Workout-- Dooniya

Thats me grooving away during one of my Elf4Health new workout challenges. Hopefully this will help me learn a few dance moves.

If you’re interested check out Doonya on their website or on youtube. How are you guys shaking it up to stay healthy this holiday season? Any new workouts that you’ve tried or want to try?