Superfood- The Mighty Almond

The mighty almond that could. Almonds are a high nutrient superfood packed with protein, 12 different vitamins & minerals, and fiber. Bet you didn’t know the last one. The 4 grams of fiber per ounce of almonds helps keep bellies feel fuller for longer.


Why are almonds my nutty superfood? It contains (per oz):

  • Only 129 calories per oz or approx 23 almonds
  • 4 grams of fiber
  • 6 grams of Protein

Almonds are an excellent source of vitamin E, magnesium and manganese, and a good source of calcium, copper, phosphorous and riboflavin. Additionally they are a low GI (glycemic index) food.

  • Promoting: healthy bones, blood sugar, cholesterol, and energy levels.
  • Vitamins & minerals help to promote a glowing complexion and healthy hair

Availability of Almonds:

  1. Raw  – Alone or in a nutty mix. Available as plain, roasted, salted, seasoned, slivered, blanched, & baked
  2. Almond butter — Pure unsweetened, unsalted almond butter.  This stuff is quite addictive!
  3. Almond Milk — As a substitute for milk in oatmeal, smoothies, milkshakes, baking, or to drink. Bottoms up.

My favorite way to eat almonds are plain roasted. I also have many variations of almond butter at home, I spread it on toast and enjoy for breakfast with a smoothie or tea quite often.

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Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 1.32.15 PM


Food Fight – My Weekly Eats

The title of weekly eats by itself sounded so plain, so run of the mill. I think I’ll be calling my weekly eats the food fight of the week. I figure its a fight with food, myself and others in my life to eat healthy and clean. I think its cute, but then again I’m corny.


Breakfast foods (at work and home): starting at the top left corner spinach and mushroom omelette, oatmeal with half a banana, goji berries, sliced almonds and heaps of cinnamon plus fruit (repeatedly), and a loaded antioxidant toast with some chai.


Dinner/Lunches: This week I played off a few foods that I prepared enough for a few days. Wrap stations with sauteed spinach, red beans, onions, spring mix, and veggie mix from Trader Joe’s. I probably did this for 2-3 days with carrots or beets on the side. I also made a stir fry with the veggie mix with some added broccoli one day and tofu one day in leftovers. Pictured bottom right from left to right is indian flat bread with dal (yellow lentil soup) and cauliflower in turmeric and quinoa with avocado and green peppers with a side of beets.


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September Eats – Weekly Eats & Groceries

I had originally planned on doing weekly eats when I started the blog. Except I sometimes dig into my meals before I can take pictures or something and the other. No more! Hopefully. I love the fact that it keeps my meals in check, I can share the different foods I eat, and possibly inspire others to eat healthy.

The last weeks of September here are some of my eats:

breakfast sep

Pictured above are my “regular” breakfast days for when I’m able to eat breakfast at the intended time of day. Homemade guac with toast and tea, blue oatmeal and blue almond milk smoothie, toast with peanut butter and banana, omelette with roasted veggies on the side, oatmeal with fruit, and strawberry and peach smoothie.

dinner sep

Pictured above are my eats at work, so meals that end up falling between 1 am and 3am. I found eating heavy meals just didn’t work for me at this time, my stomach needed something light and easy. It ends up being a meal similar to breakfast for me, its close enough to regular breakfast time anyway I figure. Oatmeal with baby banana, oatmeal with sliced apple, toast and guac with fruit, mixed salad, bean soup with salad and blueberries, yogurt and cherries, PB&J sandwich with apple, mixed fruits and cucumbers, mixed berries and mixed nuts.

Shopping Hauls:
big groc haul

Small grocery picks up during the week that include stocking up on blueberries and nuts. I also have a small order from that included my first museli, I can’t wait to try it!

small groc

This is my large grocery haul from just a few days ago. On my day off I ended up making 3 grocery store trips (Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and Food 4 Less). Now I’m done for a good week and a half or so.

Thats all!

Any food picture takers out there want to share their eats?! Tag on instagram at #shotofgreen or post your links and I would love to check them out.

The Addiction Swap – One Sweet to Another

I have a major sweet tooth. Chocolate, cheesecake, cookies, cakes, pastries, donuts… well you get the idea. I see it and I want it with such a passion, its hard to look away much less walk away.

I’m like Remy from Ratatouille following the smell of food.


I still have treats once in a while and try to control my portions. To satisfy the craving and not jump in my car or head to the closest vending machine I’ve found a sweet substitute. Fruit.

I have a shelf in my fridge and big bowl on my table dedicated to fruit. I have fruit after every meal, as a snack, or as a light meal when working nights.


See, fruit all the time. I’ve been enjoying berry session and I’m already starting to mourn the loss of summer because these won’t be around.  Fortunately I’ve thought ahead and started freezing them for the hibernation months in Chicago.

I’ve basically switched my obsession/ addiction for processed yummy sweets for healthy clean sweets…. mostly. As I mentioned earlier I still enjoy sweets once in a while, it keeps me happy and I tend to not feel deprived every time I see them.  I’m immensely happy when I’m able to walk away from a box of donuts or cookies at the nurses station. Once in a while I’ll treat myself with something I really want and do it without guilt (mostly). Moderation is key in those instances.

What’s your food addiction or weakness?